Alexander Technique lessons

At Glyndebourne
At Glyndebourne

I qualified as an Alexander teacher in 2012 with Ilana Machover, and am a teaching member of STAT, the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique. I am an assistant teacher at the Royal College of Music and Arts Ed Drama School, and have assisted both group classes and individual lessons at the Royal Academy of Music.

For a description of the Alexander Technique, and how it can be applied to find greater ease and freedom in all spheres of life, see This video also gives an excellent insight into the value and benefits of Alexander’s work in education, for musicians, and in all aspects of life:

I teach from my home in Highbury, in north-east London. I am willing to travel to teach at your home or other venue.

I also teach in Sevenoaks Neal’s Yard. Please contact me by email to book, or telephone Neal’s Yard directly on 01732 456402.

I give one-to-one lessons, which involve hands-on contact and verbal guidance: exploring simple activities, lying-down work, and for performers looking at our use and reactions whilst playing, singing or speaking. I am also available to teach small group lessons or introductory classes for larger groups.

Please contact me via the form on this website or at


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