Alexander Technique lessons

At Glyndebourne
At Glyndebourne

I qualified as an Alexander teacher in 2012 with Ilana Machover, and am a teaching member of STAT, the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique. I am an assistant teacher at the Royal College of Music and Arts Ed Drama School, and have assisted both group classes and individual lessons at the Royal Academy of Music.

For a description of the Alexander Technique, and how it can be applied to find greater ease and freedom in all spheres of life, see This video also gives an excellent insight into the value and benefits of Alexander’s work in education, for musicians, and in all aspects of life:

I teach from my home in Highbury, in north-east London. I am willing to travel to teach at your home or other venue.

I also teach in Sevenoaks Neal’s Yard. Please contact me by email to book, or telephone Neal’s Yard directly on 01732 456402.

I give one-to-one lessons, which involve hands-on contact and verbal guidance: exploring simple activities, lying-down work, and for performers looking at our use and reactions whilst playing, singing or speaking. I am also available to teach small group lessons or introductory classes for larger groups.

Please contact me via the form on this website or at



Freedom, ease & choice, in activities & in life.

What is FM Alexander’s technique, and how could it help me? 
Could I do what I do with more ease, less pain, and more awareness?

Come for this taster workshop and if you wish please bring an activity to work on. Perhaps something you practise in yoga, tai chi, or your musical instrument or even a daily household chore! 

We will work with you in this activity, as well as whole group games, individual attention and constructive rest. Mats provided for lying down work but do bring your own yoga mat and a blanket if you prefer.

Alexander Technique has been taught for over a century and is now offered in many music and drama colleges around the world. Invaluable for performing artists, it also can bring effective long-term relief for back pain and help us be more often in the present moment. 

Poppy Walshaw and Camila Carezzato Ganc both qualified as Alexander teachers with Ilana Machover in London five years ago. 
Poppy is a baroque cellist, performing throughout Europe, and is in Lisbon twice a year. She has taught Alexander in groups at London’s Royal College of Music and ArtsEd drama school, as well as running group workshops in London and Lisbon. 

Camila is a dancer, dance movement therapist, yoga and taijiquan practitioner as well as a practicing Alexander teacher, holistic massage therapist and private movement coach. She has been teaching groups and working therapeutically with individuals in São Paulo (since 2003), London (since 2010) and is now working at various different wellness retreats in Portugal (since 2014). She is passionate about the sustainability of the body day-to-day, whatever the activity may be, and is especially interested in working with performing artists.

Saturday 16th September, 2:30-5:30pm.  
Cost: 20 euros.

Academia de Música Antiga de Lisboa

Rua Abílio Lopes do Rego, 8

1200-601 Lisboa

Ample parking available.

Tuition will be in English and Portuguese.
All welcome- fine to just turn up, but appreciated if you can let us know in advance!



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